Coworking in Warsaw

Coworking Workplace in the office in Warsaw

Coworking (eng. Co-working - "joint work") is a model of organizing the work of people with different types of employment in a single workspace. The main essence of coworking is territorial association and organization of the community for more effective work of the participants.

Simply, a coworking space is a collective office in which people from different companies work at the same time, whose activities may not be related to each other at all. 

This work organization model actually combines the features of a traditional office (where employees can communicate with each other and help each other in their work) and freelancing, sometimes with the addition of certain elements of outsourcing.

The office is located in the very center of Warsaw, st. Kopernika, 00-336, Downtown, Warsaw


Workplace 350 zl brutto per month:

Without providing a legal address.

Workplace 400 zl brutto per month:

With the provision of a legal address, a virtual office for the company.