Establish a company in Poland

How to establish a company in Poland?

Registration of a company in Poland is very relevant at the present time. There are many reasons for this, access to the European market, and the low income tax rate that Poland recently approved - 9% and much more, which makes Poland an object of attention when choosing in the following questions: Where to establish a company? In which country to register an enterprise?

Therefore, many not only from the CIS countries, but also living in European countries for a long time, establish a company in Poland, and conduct business not only in Poland, but also in Europe and also living in Europe.

Recently, many Polish and European companies want to build relationships with employees on the B2B system. For many reasons, this is beneficial for companies, as well as beneficial for employees, since they receive a larger amount to the current account of their company than if they worked under a contract. It's just that an agreement is concluded between two companies and each pays taxes for himself. This is freedom of action and you can simultaneously register people for your company and thus develop the company.

What we offer and do:

  1. We give pieces of advice on which company to establish in Poland, that is, the choice of the form of ownership, the choice of activities in order to optimize income and minimize risk and liability.
  2. Registration of a company in Poland Warsaw from 300 eur.
  3. We lead accounting records.
  4. Virtual office service (you can order without registering a company).
  5. Coworking Service.
  6. Office rental in Warsaw.

The most preferred form of company registration is, of course, Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia (sp. Z o.o.) - Limited Liability Company SP.Z.O.O. , since it makes it possible to engage in almost all types of activities, the founders of the company are not responsible for the obligations of the company, the company is responsible for the authorized capital, property.

What you need to know to establish a company in Poland

What data are needed to register a company in Poland:

  1. Copies of passports of all founders and board members, 1st page (surname, name, validity period, passport number)
  2. Place of residence of the founders and board members in the countries of which they are citizens
  3. Distribution of shares / participation in the new Company (who and in what amount)
  4. Distribution of functions in the Management Board (appointment of the Chairman and Members of the Management Board - specifically who and what will perform functions in the new Company)
  5. Planned economic activities
  6. Name of the registered company

The final price will depend on the scope of services according to your request

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