Virtual office in Warsaw

Virtual office in Poland Warsaw

Currently, the demand for office space among many entrepreneurs and freelancers is growing. Not everyone has their own or rented office in which the main activities of the company are carried out. Therefore, in order to satisfy the needs of many owners of their own business, we offer a modern solution in the form of a virtual office rental. 

This innovative idea opens up new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and allows companies to get a decent start in the market. In addition, renting such a space is relatively cheap - a virtual office allows you to get really big savings.

Convenience as a result of cooperation with the virtual office

First of all, a virtual office is a service in which you receive comprehensive company support from us. We will collect correspondence for you, scan documents and, if you wish, send you by regular mail - this is part of our activity that creates office space and at the same time ensures the mobility of information and communication in the company. 

This way you don't have to worry. Whether you are on a business trip or doing business away from the office, you can have complete confidence in running your office.

An additional convenience of a virtual office is the registration of your company address at our office address, so that even if you are not in Warsaw, you can boast of an address in prestigious locations. This is a great solution for people who run their business from home, for example, for freelancers or even for those for whom daily work involves numerous trips.

Advantages of renting a Virtual Office of a Legal Address:

Our services:

Company address

Address is one of the elements of the company's image. 

Your virtual office is located in the very center of Warsaw, on st.Kopernika, 00-336, Downtown, Warsaw 

 Based on the contract signed with us, you can create a company at this address and use it to receive correspondence.

Mail Scan

Depending on the selected tariff, we can scan the received letters and send you by email.

Incoming mail service

In any tariff for incoming letters, a notification is sent by email.

Mail forwarding

Depending on the chosen tariff, we send all incoming mail, in the case of registered letters, to the address specified in the contract.


Virtual Office 50:

50 zl brutto per month - if paid for 3 months.
40 zl brutto per month - if paid for 6, 12 months.

Legal address of the company
Incoming mail service

Virtual Office 80:

80 zl brutto per month - if paid for 3 months.
70 zl brutto per month - if paid for 6, 12 months.

Legal address of the company
Incoming mail service
Scanning mail up to 20 sheets, if more, then 0.5 zl per page.
Mail forwarding - is discussed additionally in the contract.